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See what's popping at our popcorn store in Toms River, NJ

Welcome to the wonderful world of popcorn. Popstars Popcorn has remixed this traditional snack and created a world of flavor. Who knew a simple kernel was so versatile? Pop in to our locally owned popcorn store in Toms River, NJ to try our fresh-made popcorn. With fun flavors like caramel apple and cheddar, we're sure to get your taste buds popping. We have all of your traditional favorites, custom flavors and holiday tins. We even have a party room perfect for birthday parties and other celebrations.

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See why our popcorn is a local staple

You won't go back to store-bought popcorn after trying our gourmet flavors. We stand out from the competition because we:

  • Create custom flavors
  • Make all of our popcorn and flavors on-site
  • Offer in-store pickup and convenient shipping
  • Use coconut oil for gluten-free popcorn
Our popcorn buckets are reusable! Bring your empty bucket in, and we'll fill it up.

Pamper your palate with flavored popcorn

Butter may be popcorn's main squeeze, but who said they couldn't have friends? Our fresh-made popcorn comes in 15 funky flavors. These aren't your standard kernels. We offer mushroom and butterfly varieties. Mushroom popcorn is round and holds flavor better. Butterfly popcorn looks like, you guessed it, a butterfly, and tastes great with butter.

Stop by our popcorn store in Toms River, NJ.

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